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Art Eye Gallery

Art Eye Gallery, situated in The Design Quarter in Fourways, is a vibrant, dynamic exhibition space that celebrates contemporary African art. They specialise in building up collections, sourcing rare artworks and gems that have been overlooked in the past, as well as encouraging the development of young artistic talent. The gallery exudes an atmosphere of sophistication, offering visitors an exceptional art experience.

Everard Read Gallery and Circa Gallery

The Everard Read Gallery, one of the most respected galleries in South Africa, houses noteworthy collections by highly acclaimed local and international artists. Circa, located next to the Everard Read Gallery, is a vibrant contemporary art gallery on Jellicoe Avenue, celebrating art and architecture in Johannesburg.

Goodman Gallery

The Goodman Gallery is well known for offering a frequently changing programme of thought-provoking exhibitions by various artists throughout the year.

Kim Sacks Gallery

The Kim Sacks Gallery showcases a contemporary mixture of rural creativity including fine craft, cutting-edge urban design and folk art. Kim Sacks works with and represents a multitude of southern African rural and urban craftspeople and acquires and houses a broad spectrum of pieces including ceramics, textiles and beads.

Stevenson Gallery

The Stevenson Gallery has an international exhibition programme with a particular focus on regions. In addition to exhibiting gallery artists, it has also brought in the work of celebrated artists and has in the past participated in international art events.

togu’na African Artefacts Collection

togu’na offers a range of pieces meticulously sourced from across the African continent. Each item on display has a personal history developed through wear and use over time.

African Craft Market of Rosebank

The African Craft market of Rosebank is a unique cultural shopping destination. What started as a social upliftment project to formalise the hawker trade in the area is now a bustling market known for its quality African artefacts and crafts.