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A World of Inspiration

The Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa is a highly respected patron of the arts with an inspired vision of the creative arts.

The impressive art collection showcases an eclectic mix of established and emerging artists and includes art and artefacts from Africa, Europe and the East.

The Saxon believes in supporting South Africa’s most promising emerging artists and takes pride in displaying the work of our established artists who have gained recognition on the local and international art scene.

The art collection of the original home includes exceptional pieces that tell a story of a life lived with friends. In recent years over 200 original artworks were sourced from various South African artists, representing the largest single corporate art acquisition made in Africa for interior design purposes, bringing the walls to life and reflecting a vibrant connection with Africa.


Hilton Edwards

While Hilton Edwards’ deceptively structured, sparse compositions reflect his interest in Vedic teaching, his equally passionate love of African culture can be seen in his use of material, texture and colour. His restrained and controlled canvases introduce a typically contemplative mood to the Saxon Art Collection.

Medium: Acrylics and mixed-media on canvas

hilton edwards hilton edwards

Marcel Greyling

Marcel is a highly talented, multi-award-winning graphic designer. He is also a painter of large, bold and spontaneous abstracts in which the act of painting plays a central role. Nine of his abstracts were selected for the Saxon Art Collection, in recognition of the controlled vibrancy they introduced into large spaces such as the main dining areas.

Medium: Acrylic on board

Marcel  Greyling   Marcel Greyling  

Fiona Rowett

Fiona Rowett is a talented graduate from the Michaelis School of Fine Art, the Fine Arts Department of the University of Cape Town, which has a long and proud tradition of producing outstanding graduates. Fiona Rowett, a well established artist, has contributed to numerous art exhibitions since the 1980s. Her distinctive abstracts are often inspired by landscapes and are characterised by a sensitive use of colour. She works intuitively, creating layers of evocative and rich shapes, textures and colours.

Medium: Oils on canvas

Fiona Rowett   Fiona Rowett 

Titia Ballot

One of South Africa’s pre-eminent master-etchers, Titia Ballot has studied, taught and exhibited in many countries and received numerous prestigious awards. The etchings selected for the Saxon Art Collection are evocative of Africa on many levels and in many contexts, from geology to mythology.

Medium: Etching

Titia Ballot   Title: Night of the Shamans Titia Ballot Title: The Procession

Errol Westoll

Close on 60 of this up-and-coming artist’s limited edition photo-images have been selected for the Saxon Art Collection. This painter-photographer’s unusual, evocative photographs of seashore-related subjects are skillfully crafted in terms of composition, colour and contrast to produce the most intriguing abstract artworks.

Medium: Photo-images

Titia Ballot   Title: Rynie Rocks Errol Westoll Title: Dune Grass Errol Westoll Title: Pebbles

Roswitha von Glehn

Roswitha was born in Riga, Latvia, and came to South Africa in 1952. A student of George Boys and Karin Jaroszynska, she became established as a consummate water-colourist. The Saxon Art Collection features her woodcuts created in the 1970s and 1980s. These highly stylised depictions of people, plants and animals received many awards at international exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and the USA.

Medium: Woodcut

Roswitha von Glehn  Title: The Waterhole Roswitha von Glehn Title: Between Sun and Moon

Beverley Watson

This well known multimedia artist was commissioned to execute 36 large-format, multicolour monotypes to enhance various public areas in the Saxon. These enchanting and technically demanding artworks depict conservation and environmental concerns in an abstracted style which is both informative and visually pleasing.

Medium: Monotype

Beverley Watson  Beverley Watson

Hannes Harrs

One of the selected artists, the internationally renowned Hannes Harrs passed away in 2006 and therefore no new works are available in the market. His daughter, Sue Winchester, helped to locate 23-odd works, including his well known Kuba cloth collages and various works in oils.

Medium: Textile collage on canvas Hannes Harrs   Medium: Oils on board Hannes Harrs

Dirk Meerkotter

Two large etchings by Dirk Meerkotter, a highly awarded pioneer of abstract art in South Africa, were selected for the Saxon Art Collection. At that time the artist was already 88 years old and had not produced any new works in recent years. His son, Dirk Meerkotter Jnr, dug deep in his father’s art drawers to provide the Saxon with these two superb examples of the master-etcher’s art.

Medium: Etching

Dirk Meerkotter Title: Voting Day - 1994

Sandile Zulu

The Saxon Art Collection includes 8 commissioned works from Sandile Zulu. His innovative art explores a unique African vision, with fascinating seared, singed, scorched and burnt canvases. Sandile was invited to participate in an art project at the Smithsonian National Gallery of African art in Washington DC, and was awarded a residency at the Nirox Foundation’s prestigious arts centre to work towards this project.

Medium: Burnt, scorched and singed canvas

Sandile Zulu Title: Milkyway Galaxy series Sandile Zulu Title: Milkyway Galaxy series

Amalie von Maltitz

The only 3-dimensional works included in the Saxon Art Collection are the 16 stoneware sculptures by Amalie von Maltitz, doyenne of South African ceramic sculptors. These abstract sculptures are reminiscent of bones, rock formations and the human figure, all in a distinctly African context.

Medium: High-temperature stoneware ceramic

Amalie von Maltitz Amalie von Maltitz

Former President Nelson Mandela

The Series

Former President Nelson Mandela Title: Part of ‘The Struggle Series' Former President Nelson Mandela Title: Colour left hand


Opra    Title: Oprah Winfrey Sidney    Title: Sidney Poitier Tom-Selleck    Title: Tom Selleck tina    Title: Tina Turner Branson    Title: Brümilda van Rensburg

Dean Simon

A series of original sketches by the acclaimed artist, Dean Simon, features some of the Saxon’s most celebrated guests. One of the most notable of these is the evocative work titled ‘Foresight and Hindsight - The Five Faces of Mandela’, which traces the progression of Nelson Mandela’s life from his early youth through to the gentle, compassionate older statesman who has become a much revered icon and role model for South Africans and millions of admirers all over the world.

Medium: Graphite

 Dean Simon Title: Auto & General building in Melville,
Douw Steyn’s family in front of the Auto General building in Melville, Johannesburg Title: Douw Steyn’s family in front of the Auto &
General building in Melville, Johannesburg
Dean Simon Title: Nelson Mandela, Douw Steyn and Oprah Winfrey

Dean Simon Sketches

Dean Simon Title: Madiba the Elephant Dean Simon Title: Father and Sons  Dean Simon Title: Kevin Spacey and Robert de Niro on the Douw Steyn Dam Dean Simon Title: HM Queen Beatrix Dean Simon Title: Nelson Mandela and Douw Steyn  Dean Simon Title: Meeting of Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey

Dean Simon Sketches

Dean Simon Title: Nelson Mandela and Grandson Dean Simon Title: The Green Room  Dean Simon Title: Nelson Mandela and Mrs Graça Machel Dean Simon Title: From Foresight to Hindsight Dean Simon Title: Official opening of the Saxon Hotel  Dean Simon Title: Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Douw Steyn