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Experience the Fine Art of Relaxation

The Saxon Spa and Studio is a retreat for peace and harmony that embodies a holistic way of life. We blend modern understanding with ancient techniques to create a rejuvenating experience to balance your energies, soothe your soul, relax your senses and restore a complete sense of wellbeing. No interruptions, no intrusions, it is your own secluded haven for quiet contemplation and celebration of self and the senses.

The Saxon Spa is a truly original wellness centre designed with your wellbeing in mind, inviting you to spend quality time and enjoy an intimate Spa indulgence. Our custom-designed treatments include Signature Therapies and Therapy Journeys, Skin Care and Massages, using a holistic approach and promoting all-over wellness of the body, mind and soul. Your time can also be spent on traditional Spa treatments such as Facials, Massage and Body Therapies. All our treatments have been created to blend various combinations of aromatherapy, colour and scent with the best ancient and modern healing techniques from around the world. Our knowledge and experience ensures that you will enjoy an exceptional Spa experience as we help you dissolve away stress, soothe daily tensions, awaken a tired mind and restore complete wellness.

20 Oct 2014

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An Afternoon Delight

20 Oct 2014

As the warm afternoons of summer approach, few things are as elegant and refined as the ritual of High Tea. Steeped in tradition and finesse, this age-old rite finds new roots at the Saxon this Summer.

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Saxon Signature Recipes

20 Oct 2014

Ever wanted to know how we create some of our signature dishes or cocktails? Our mixologists and chefs share their secrets here.