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VIP Services at the Saxon Hotel

They say that hospitality is the one job where the work you get paid for happens before nine and after five, and nowhere more so in VIP Services.

At the Saxon Hotel every guest is important and 70 percent of my job involves preparing for guest arrivals. From the moment the reservations are made, I look at the reservations and start focusing on what my guests require.

Anticipation is the name of the game; it is important to not only anticipate what guests might require to make their stay more comfortable, but also to so without their input, if they have to ask, I’m not doing my job properly. This comes for years of experience in various countries, a little bit of cultural sensitivity and a dash of common sense.

After the morning meeting, things really start shaping up; generally, I’m never quite sure how my day will pan out. Some days, one phone call can throw all your planning in disarray - going shopping with someone’s wife for the necessities, as her bag was left in Europe and they are about to leave on safari. Or, organising special wine glasses to be shipped to an island, organising helicopters for safari day trips, then there was the day I had 3 hours to not only get business cards printed, but hand delivered to an event an hour’s drive from the hotel.

Going above and beyond for our guests is as natural as breathing; nothing is too much when it comes to creating special experiences for people. I work with the simple rule – what do you give people who can afford to buy what they want, but are time poor – you give them a memorable experience, something no one else will ever have.


By Martin Louw

VIP Services Manager

06 Jun 2016

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