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The Saxon Spa offers a wide range of highly effective, multi-step facial skin treatments, by leading global skin care brands that offer targeted solutions to all skin conditions. Our range of facials have been specially developed to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise, treat and nourish the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion with a visibly youthful glow. Our specialist skin care practitioners are able to recommend a treatment best suited to your facial needs to achieve the best results.


La Prairie Facials

Swiss Ice Crystal Facial

90 min  R1 430

Combat the first signs of ageing and reveal younger-looking, energised skin with this intensely moisturising and nourishing facial. It incorporates an exquisite eye and face massage, using clear and rose quartz crystals for ultimate relaxation. Ideal for skin that needs moisture and nourishment.

Caviar Lift Facial

90 min  R1 430

Feed your skin with the pure luxury of a caviar-infused face and eye massage. The essential nutrients and intense hydration instantly lift and firm your skin to reveal perfect tone and texture. Skin is left luminous, radiant and silky soft. This facial is suited for all skin types that are starting to show signs of ageing.

Gold Radiance Facial

90 min  R1 430

Reveal your skin’s inner radiance with La Prairie’s Gold Standard in anti-ageing technology. Pure golden drops of Cellular Radiance Concentrate, combined with gentle heat and masks to enhance the penetration, intensely revitalise and perfect the skin. Your face will be left visibly smoother, brighter and radiantly alive.

Men's Signature Facial

60 min  R1 300

Want renewed and restored skin? This facial is specifically developed to cleanse, condition and energise male skin. It works hard to eliminate skin impurities and congestion, while energising and conditioning the skin. This instant cleansing treatment leaves skin renewed, restored and younger-looking.

Ultra Hydrating Facial

60 min  R1 300

The ultimate make-over for dehydrated, stressed skin, this specialised facial is tailored to your specific skin needs to achieve the most dramatic results. This exquisite treatment rigorously rebuilds, renews and recharges the skin, reviving luminosity and restoring firmness. The result? Younger-looking skin that glows.

Platinum Facial

90 min  R1 540

Experience the ultimate rejuvenation treatment with this high performance, pure platinum-infused facial. Using La Prairie’s exquisite Platinum Collection, it incorporates an exclusive anti-ageing facial, along with a stress-relieving back massage, for complete hydration and relaxation. It is suited to all skin types and leaves skin completely rejuvenated with a natural glow.

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QMS Medicosmetics Facials

QMS Classic Facial

60 min  R1 050

Put your best face forward with a specialised facial treatment. The Classic Facial entails a thorough skin analysis by a qualified skin therapist in order to tailor a treatment that addresses your individual skin conditions and needs, to achieve the best results. Your skin will be left revitalised and restored.

Neo-Tissuedermie Facial

60 min  R1 200

Reveal more vibrant, youthful looking skin with this firming and toning treatment. It is specifically developed to combat the signs of ageing, particularly in more mature skin. The highly effective contouring cream is applied to the delicate neck, decolleté and breast area for a firming and lifting effect.

SK Alpha Facial

75 min  R1 260

Give your skin a boost with this intensely stimulating facial. The unique, thermal-active revitalising mask is designed to intensely stimulate microcirculation, leaving the skin visibly smoother. This instantly revitalising booster is recommended for smokers’ skin or skin suffering from poor circulation.

Collagen Intense Facial

60 min  R1 200

Give your skin a powerful collagen boost that will restore, rejuvenate and revitalise with this advanced, anti-ageing treatment. It features QMS Medicosmetics’ unique system of high-grade collagens combined with advanced exfoliation technology to reveal firmer, healthier skin that glows.

Activator Facial

60 min  R1 200

Looking for the ultimate solution for tired, jetlagged skin? This energising treatment refuels the skin, leaving it firm, fresh and glowing. Based on QMS Medicosmetics’ innovative activation techniques, this facial supplies the skin with regenerating active ingredients.

Pigment Corrector Facial

75 min  R1 260

Want to reveal blotch-free, radiantly even-toned skin? This specialised treatment is designed to target dark spots and signs of ageing. It brightens the skin and helps prevent further hyperpigmentation. For best results, we recommend a three month course with regular use of SkinTone Light Serum.

Oxygen Facial

75 min  R1 350

Give your face a breath of fresh air. This highly rejuvenating facial has been uniquely developed to channel ingredients intensively through QMS Medicosmetics Oxygen Concentrator Advanced. It encourages circulation, stimulates the regenerative process and effectively firms the skin for a radiant result.

Elemis Facials

Elemis Classic Facial

60 min  R1 050

Put your best face forward with a specialised facial treatment. The Classic Facial entails a thorough skin analysis by a qualified skin therapist in order to tailor a treatment that addresses your individual skin conditions and needs to achieve the best results. Your skin will be left revitalised and restored.

Pro-Collagen Age Defy Facial

60 min  R1 300

For skin that feels dramatically firmer and uplifted, this anti-ageing face and eye treatment gives amazing results. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restructures the eye contour. The treatment promotes collagen synthesis and cell regeneration, leaving you with younger-looking skin.

Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial

60 min  R1 300

Get luminous skin that is bursting with moisture and energy. Restore your natural radiance with this anti-ageing face and eye treatment that sculpts and plumps up the skin. It helps to restore skin pH, moisture and nutrient levels while firming the skin.

Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel Facial

60 min  R1 300

For skin that feels more even and looks more radiant, this Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial is the ultimate purifying treatment, designed for deep cleansing. It incorporates micro-encapsulated enzyme therapy to stimulate the skin’s exfoliation process. This reduces fine lines, pigmentation and acne scarring to uncover smoother, glowing skin.

High Performance Skin Energiser for Men

60 min  R1 200

Designed specifically for male skin to combat the harsh, ageing effects of daily shaving, pollution and urban living. This anti-ageing face and eye treatment helps to restore pH, vital moisture and nutrient levels in the skin. It maximises cell regeneration, increasing collagen synthesis and protecting against damaging free radicals.

Sensitive Skin Soother

75 min  R1 300

Perfectly suited for fragile skin that needs special attention. A vibrational massage technique is used to reduce redness and strengthen the top layer of delicate skin. The soothing properties of Moroccan Rose, Chamomile and Apricot are combined to gently cleanse and exfoliate, whilst the deeply nourishing Neroli mask leaves skin nurtured and comforted. Texture and tone are dramatically restored and moisture levels are boosted, leaving your skin feeling supremely calm.

Biotec Facial

60 min  R1 360

This facial combines a unique high-potency activator and the use of a specially designed Biotec machine to soften and prepare the skin. Each treatment is designed to reboot cellular performance, optimising the skin’s ability to repair, renew and retone the skin. Your face will be left with smoothed out wrinkles, firmed contours and hydrated skin.