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Gourmet dining in Johannesburg

Join us for a culinary adventure at one of our restaurants and let the Chefs take you on a experiential journey.

Luke Dale Roberts x the Saxon | Restaurants in Johannesburg

Luke Dale Roberts X The Saxon

Luke Dale Roberts X the Saxon take guests on a unforgettable fine dining journey, under the expert guidance…

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Qunu Grill | Restaurants in Johannesburg | Luxury Hotels Saxon


Qunu Elegant dining in one of Johannesburg's top restaurants Qunu introduces an innovative menu with bold flavours and…

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The Terrace

The Terrace is the central meeting point of the Saxon. From dawn to dusk it is the perfect…

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Afternoon Tea in Johannesburg | Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa | Luxury Hotels Johannesburg

Morning and Afternoon Tea

Morning and Afternoon Tea is an elegant ritual steeped in tradition and one of the Saxon’s specialities. A…

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The Saxon is renowned for the delicious buffet brunch served in Qunu or on the Fig Terrace on…

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