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From the healing cleansing of the Hammam, to therapeutic vibrations of the Signature Sound Therapy, to the stress-relieving Rasul Spa Ritual, the Saxon Spa’s Signature Therapies are a unique collection of the ultimate rejuvenating journeys. These holistic Signature Therapies will engage all of your senses and restore balance to your mind, body and spirit.

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Saxon Himalayan Signature Journey

90 min | R1 640

Your supreme journey begins with a welcoming milk foot ritual that soaks away your day-to-day stresses. This is followed by a full body Himalayan salt scrub, with the immersive Saxon signature scent, to renew your skin cells and reveal unbelievably soft, glowing skin. Once the scrub is showered off, your body is indulged with an expert stress-dissolving full body hot granite massage. This decadent specialised massage uses the heat-retaining stone, together with rhythmic massage movements, to warm and ease the muscles of tension. A cold Rose Quartz crystal is then used to relieve and heal muscular inflammation. This treatment is an absolute must for spa connoisseurs.

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Sound Therapy

60 min | R1 240

Embark on a spiritual journey with the Saxon Spa’s unique Signature Sound Therapy. The therapeutic sound vibrations of gongs, cymbals, Tibetan singing bowls and bells are used to balance and restore the body’s natural energy centres. Performed on the comfort of a heated water bed, this treatment is combined to enhance the rebalancing of your energy flow.

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Sound Therapy Advanced With Crystal Therapy

75 min | R1 400

Reach a deep state of relaxation and re-energise your chakra centre with the unique healing properties of Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Aventurine crystals. Used together with the Tibetan Singing Bowls, their vibrational frequency is enhanced, cleansing, balancing and re-energising your body’s energy flow. The therapy aids in reducing stress levels and stimulating the immune system.

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Rasul Spa Ritual

45 min | R650

Treat your body and mind to this ancient Arabian bathing ritual that targets all five senses. This holistic experience takes place in the unique Rasul Chamber which is beautifully decorated with African Byzantine-styled mosaic, giving an authentic atmosphere to the treatment. You will be presented with a tray of African-originated body exfoliators and body masks, which are rinsed off with a refreshingly rejuvenating ‘rain forest’ shower. This exotic, therapeutic experience is ideal for small groups to enjoy together.

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Heaven on Earth Journey

60 min | R1 640

Looking to take some time out to relax and bond with your partner? Escape to our romantically intimate Heaven on Earth couple’s suite. Here, you will feel free to unwind and enjoy a luxury spa bathing ritual for two. This is then followed by a glass of sparkling wine and a light platter which can be enjoyed on the private garden deck.

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Hammam Signature Therapies

45 min | R1 090

Steeped in ancient Middle Eastern tradition, Hammam is a cleansing, full body ritual that is among the most effective treatments in the world. The relaxing ritual utilises the undeniable health benefits of steam and warmth. The healing properties make this journey incredibly beneficial for body and mind. Hammam Foam Soap Cleanse The foam soap is ideal for hydrating and firming the skin, giving it a youthful glow. Hammam Savoir Noir Cleanse This traditional Hammam black soap has a deep-cleansing, detoxifying power that is perfect for targeting cellulite. It is ideal for severely dry skin or Rosacea.

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Hammam Signature Rituals

90 min | R1 720

The ritual begins with a Turkish Rize tea, which you sip on while our therapist stimulates your circulation with a stress-dissolving foot ritual. A 10 minute steam will start your body’s detoxification process before a full body cleanse with either the foam soap or the black soap, savoir noir. This is then followed by a full body exfoliation with a specialised Keefa sponge to remove dead skin cells to renew and revitalise dull-looking skin. A rain shower washes away the soap and all your stresses. This indulgent treatment is followed by a back of the body Argan oil massage, which not only boosts circulation but has an incredible moisture benefit for the skin. The foam soap is ideal for hydrating and firming the skin, giving it a youthful glow. Hammam Savoir Noir Cleanse  has a deep-cleansing, detoxifying power that is perfect for targeting cellulite. It is ideal for severely dry skin or Rosacea.

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90 min | R1 640

This treatment invites you to indulge in the healing properties of Africa’s most treasured natural ointments in a holistically reviving treatment. Your journey begins with the soothing signature foot ritual. Your body will then experience the rejuvenative benefits of a full body exfoliation with a traditional mielie-meal based scrub. Your senses will be enveloped in the heavenly scents of the Saxon Spa Signature perfume with infusions of warm, earthy scented baobab oils, which are prized for their skin nourishing and restructuring properties. You will then rinse away your worries under the rain shower. Your body and mind will now enjoy the native healing properties of the massage, which uses deep touch therapy combined with the Kalahari seed, calabash and rungu stick in rhythmic, melodic movements that transports you out of the now. Our organic body butter is a rejuvenating elixir of skin-smoothing red- and honey-bush teas, skin-healing aloe and the skin-firming kola nut, reviving the skin with an incredible glow.

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Mother-To-Be Pregnancy Journey

90 min | R1 640

This soothing treatment was specially developed to ease the physical strain that pregnancy puts on the body. The Mama Mio signature massage movements combined with the uplifting natural aromas will take you on a restful journey. Ease away the physical symptoms of pregnancy such as easing lower back pain, reducing foot swelling with this nurturing treatment that will leave you feeling radiant and re-energised.

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Mother-to-be journey

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