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Social Occasion

The Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa is the most exclusive private retreat and the ideal venue for hosting your social occasions. Nestled in the heart of Johannesburg in the tree-lined avenues of Sandhurst, the Saxon is located on ten acres of landscaped gardens, yet conveniently close to world class shopping centres and the business hub of Sandton.

At the Saxon we create our own standards. Every detail is considered, from the quality of the cuisine to the finer points of our warm hospitality and our luxuriously elegant facilities, suites and rooms, you can expect only the best. Our extraordinary attention to detail, seamless planning and implementation makes the Saxon a sought-after venue for hosting your social occasions.

Our highly experienced team is on hand to advise and assist you with every aspect of your social occasion. From the initial planning and selecting the most suitable venue, to arranging the flowers and designing the menus, through to assisting you on the actual day to ensure that your special occasion is a resounding success.

Elegant. Luxurious. Unforgettable. Merging the finest culinary experiences and the ultimate in elegance, the Saxon will take you on an unforgettable journey. On arrival at the Saxon you will be greeted warmly by our staff, working together as a family to ensure your stay and your special occasion is an unforgettable one.

The Occasion

We are social creatures by nature and enjoy getting together for social occasions and special celebrations. When it comes to hosting a successful social occasion, good planning, preparation and implementation are the keys to success. The size and scope of your event determines what you need to build into your plan. It all comes down to basic decisions relating to what, where and how.

Planning the event

First of all, you need to decide on the kind of event that will be best suited to your particular social occasion, as well as how many people you will be inviting, and what kind of mood or atmosphere you would like to create. Will it be a morning, afternoon or evening event? Decide on the budget and work out a timeline leading up to the day of the event. It helps to draw up an informal flow of proceedings to ensure that the event runs smoothly.


The venue, the flowers, the food

Visit suitable venues and receive advice from our experienced, qualified professionals to help you plan the size and set-up of the venue and decide on the most suitable layout style for the guest seating. Will you need technology or sound equipment?

When it comes to deciding on the flowers, bear in mind that flowers have a language of their own and bring a special magic to any occasion.

Food, glorious food! Now is the time to discuss the food before agreeing on a menu for an unforgettable event.

Invitations and acceptances

Send out invitations well before the day and keep a record of acceptances so that you can confirm the final guest list for seating and the menus. Should you wish to arrange for a photographer, entertainer, gifts or anything else to make your occasion even more special, the Saxon team is on hand to advise and assist you.

Last but not least, have a wonderful time and enjoy the occasion.