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Spa Packages

Our Saxon Spa packages have been tailored to give the most discerning of guests the ultimate spa experience that indulges and rejuvenates the mind and body, from top to toe.

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Spa Packages

Saxon Signature Package

7.5 hrs  R4 580

Your face is illuminated with the nutrient-rich La Prairie Caviar Lift Facial. This is then followed by the regenerating Saxon Himalayan Signature Journey. A Saxon Luxury Pedicure ensures your feet are on point. Last but not least, your hair will be transformed with a luxurious Caviar Hair Treatment Chronologiste and a voluminous blow wave. End off your spa journey with a delicious lunch.

Saxon Signature Rebalancing Package

7 hrs  R4 160

Realign your body’s natural balance and be your best you, starting with the therapeutic vibrations of the Signature Sound Therapy. This is then followed by the rejuvenating Saxon Himalayan Signature Journey and a relaxing Saxon Luxury Pedicure. Indulge your hair with a Caviar Hair Treatment Chronologiste and give it back its bounce with a blow wave. Round off your spa experience with a delicious lunch.

Journey to Body Glow Package

2.5 hrs  R2 600

Restore the healthy glow of your body with this transformative package. Kick-start the rejuvenation with a skin-renewing 30 minute HARNN Body Therapy Scrub, followed by a stress-relieving 60 minute Hot Stone Massage. Lastly, your face is left illuminated with a Classic Facial.

Journey to Body Rejuvenation Package

5 hrs  R3 825

Revitalise and invigorate your body, starting with a detoxifying 60 minute Body Ritual Wrap. Take time out to de-stress with a tension-relieving 60 minute Swedish Massage. Renew your facial glow with a Classic Facial, and then put your best foot forward with a Saxon Luxury Pedicure. End off this rejuvenating spa experience with a delicious lunch.

Journey to Complete Restoration Package

5 hrs  R3 100

Want to look and feel your best you? This rejuvenating package will have you groomed and glowing from tip to toe. Put your best face forward with a Classic Facial, followed by a stress-dissolving 60 minute Swedish Massage. It all ties up with a Saxon Luxury Manicure and Luxury Pedicure. Your restorative spa journey ends with a delicious lunch.

Men’s Executive Package

3 hrs  R2 480

This executive package offers the ultimate in gentlemen’s grooming. Rejuvenate and restore your skin with a 60 minute La Prairie Men’s Signature Facial, followed by a tension-relieving 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage. This is all finished off with a face-smoothing Men’s Executive Hot Towel Shave.

Time Together Package

2 hrs  R2 790

Spend some quality time with that special someone. First, escape to the beautifully mosaicked Rasul Chamber for the multi-sensory bathing ritual of the Rasul, followed by an indulgent 60 minute stress-dissolving massage that completes your de-stressing journey.

Time Together, the Heaven on Earth Package

3.5 hrs  R5 950

This package takes place in our romantic Heaven on Earth couple’s suite. First, your best faces will be revealed with a revitalising Classic Facial. You will then be indulged in a relaxing 60 minute Swedish Massage followed by a Foot Massage. Thereafter, as part of the Heaven on Earth Journey, you have an hour to unwind and enjoy a luxury spa bathing ritual for two. Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine and a platter which will be served on the private garden deck.