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Escape your stress, restore your energy, revitalise your body and refresh your mind with the Saxon Spa’s immersive massage therapies. Our specialised massage therapists will effectively ease your tense muscles, improve your circulation, release your toxins and have you feeling like new. We have a broad range of specialised massages to meet each and every client’s need. Choose from the four specially selected treatment oils to optimise and enhance your mood for relaxation.

Whether you are looking to exfoliate and renew your skin to reveal softer, glowing skin, or to detox and nourish your body, the Saxon Spa has a variety of therapeutic body rituals that will reveal a new you. Incorporating the therapeutic powers of aromatherapy, these treatments will go beyond body revitalisation and also rejuvenate your mind.

The Elemis Signature Therapies work in natural synergy with your skin, body and mind. Each of these signature treatments are specifically designed to offer a uniquely indulgent experience, using de-stressing massage and luxurious products. With our luxurious HARNN Signature Therapies, you will find yourself immersed in the finest essential rice oils of your choice that are curative to the body and aromatherapeutic to the mind, restoring a natural balance. The HARNN treatments include an awakening full body Thai exfoliation, followed by a tension-relieving pressure point massage, using a Thai massage roller.

The Saxon Spa has a collection of specialised spa treatments and packages that have been developed to address the needs of our discerning male guests. Whether you’re looking to unwind and relax or get groomed and pampered, we have a male-specific solution to suit your desired spa experience. Should you wish to spoil your special someone with an intimate, spa bonding experience, we have packages that are perfect for couples.