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MaxHub – state of the art interactive conferencing technology, perfect for brainstorming and video conferencing.

It has become apparent that virtual and hybrid meetings are here to stay. The Saxon Hotel conference facilities have been upgraded to meet this need, and now include premium, interactive screens and video conferencing facilities. Cutting-edge interaction technology by MaxHub has been introduced in the Saxon Boardroom, Conference A & B as well as an extra-large screen in the Dining Library; it wirelessly integrates the functions of camera, projector, whiteboard, microphone and more. In addition, two mobile Maxhub screens are available for use in the Convention Lounge or other areas in the hotel. Saxon conference guests are now able to meet locally and/or collaborate remotely, with the solution seamlessly integrating virtual and in-person meetings.

The interactive flat panel smart display allows conferencing guests to write easily and naturally with the use of a stylus or hand write directly on the screen as well as erase errors by simply moving the palm of their hand across the screen – making it the perfect solution for collaborative brainstorming sessions. The system also wirelessly integrates devices onto a single platform, whether they be PC, Mac, or Android, eliminating the need for various cables and connections. All presentations and brainstorm sessions can be saved directly from the MaxHub onto a personal device and shared seamlessly with conference attendees.

The new Maxhubs have already been extremely popular with our conferencing guests since reopening on 1st May and the feedback regarding its ease of use and the benefits of its video-conferencing capabilities within a hybrid-meeting environment especially has been fantastic.