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For her first solo exhibition with Stevenson gallery, Rahima Gambo, who divides her time between London and Nigeria, presents a constellation of sonic, tactile and spatial explorations, that the artist herself describes as “an evolving dialogue with the documentary form”.

Working in photo, video and installation, this exhibition is anchored in the artist’s ongoing collaboration with a group of students from Maiduguri, Nigeria. The collaboration centres improvisation, childhood and colloquial methods of self-development and in the resultant video works and photographic images, students are seen playing in scenes choreographed during collaborative workshops. Building upon this distinct and fluid visual language the artist has created immersive installations from clay, soil and copper, that she describes as a way of creating “an alternative territory that evades the “capture” of the camera and eludes the enclosure of linear, fixed narratives”.

The exhibition runs until the 6th May 2022. Our Concierge is on hand to book your visit.