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For the month of April 2022, the checkerboard room of the David Krut Projects Blue House is home to Baby Yellow, a body of work which has been developing over the span of 10 years. This body of work is a very personal project for artist Ryan Arenson, who admits that the journey he has taken with Baby Yellow over the last decade has been quite an emotional one. This exhibition includes work in various mediums that Arenson has created over the years, as well as new works created in collaboration with the David Krut Workshop (DKP).

Baby Yellow came to be when a psychoanalyst suggested to Arenson that he must draw like a six-year-old child in response to Arenson’s frustration at his own perceived lack of drawing skill. Arenson was encouraged to accept and explore the pain, anger and frustration of a six-year-old and translate those feelings into artistic expression. This method of artistic expression allowed Arenson to explore thoughts and feelings deep inside of himself, many of which were often beyond the realms of language and memory.

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