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Observing Mindfulness has completely changed my perspective on life and the world. My intention is to go out every day and shower it with love and healing.


So my challenge to all of us is that we are all products of our own challenges and journey in some way shape or form which is the essence of our humanity, our greatest risks is becoming overcome with anxiety about these uncertain times, and how the volume of tech, social media and media is making us complacent in our day to day lives that we do not stop to take the conscious decision to acknowledge or put aside our challenge, but most importantly praise achievements, life’s beauty. Begin each day with the intention of being a better version of you than the day before.

This is especially vital for our children as they go through this historical event. Psychologists and Sociologists are raising concerns about children raised in this millennium already and their addiction to the social platforms and their celebrities. They are already starting to show signs of social underdevelopment problems as they are not experiencing issues such as verbal conflict, disciplinary actions and emotional challenges. These are key coping mechanisms which children learn through experience or adult observation. Lack of these important skills can lead to depression and low self esteem and worst of all an inability to understand the social behaviours needed to integrate into a team or into a corporate structure. Studies have also shown that these kids often struggle with coping with minor trauma.

Our brain is very powerful but can also be a very destructive organ. Often all it takes is one negative thought said repeatedly over time to start the first signs of depressive activity. In this time especially when our anxiety and worry is very high, this is a great opportunity to start a HEALTHY NEW POSITIVE PATTERN for the whole family to join.

No, this is not yoga and you won’t be making your neighbours giggle! This is very easy, and anyone can use it and even use this to progress to Meditation or Yoga. Our focus is grounding, consciously feeling your environment, clearing bad energies, being thankful and grateful and re-energising – outline the day and enter with positivity and love.

A Mindfulness journey is designed to:

  1. Separate you from your digital technology – this is a vitally important step.
  2. Connect you with the core energy of mother earth.
  3. Clear your mind of any other activities and teach you to be present in the moment (the bird sounds are incredible at the moment).
  4. Genuinely feel the positive energy of love the earth is offering you.
  5. Open your respiratory system.
  6. Guided visualisation where we focus on your negative energy stored and start the process of removing this energy.
  7. Give gratitude to the things you love and are proud of.
  8. Then allow the positivity of the sun’s energy to fill you whilst focusing on controlled breathing.
  9. No matter how hard the day gets “never walk past the colour purple and don’t notice it.” This is about educating your brain to take moments to stop and appreciate things that you would probably miss. These small cues will give your brain images which generate a happy response and allow you to start noticing the world in a completely different manner. You will probably find yourself noticing so many kind gestures rather than the negative ones we have been conditioned with. I really think this is a vital skill for the youth as they have a complete disjointed view on reality thanks to Insta stars.
  10. Exercising positive mental health is paramount during times of uncertainty and anxiety.
  11. Some top execs who use this daily routine also finish off their session with a basic outline of their day, so they feel balanced and controlled. This could also be used if you have one of those days when the universe wants to test you a bit further and you may feel you need another session to regain your thought. Remember no good decisions have ever been made in anger or greed.

I would recommend trying this on your own for the first 4 days and then, if possible, involving the family. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The energy we all put out into our universe is what we will receive in return.