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Many of us remember spending our time leisurely paging through a coffee table book, being absorbed in the pages of the latest novel to catch our eye, or reading through the journey to the top of an entrepreneur or starlet in the comfort of our favourite armchair. Reminiscent of this, Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa has always adorned the walls of its guest areas with cases of books covering a variety of topics and include a range of books published by South African writers such as JM Coetzee, Lewis Nkosi and world-famous Wilbur Smith. These books have been enjoyed by guests in the past and quite often find themselves on the remainder of a guests African journey. With the influx of new books being published we ensure our hotel book collection does not only contain the well-known classics, but also new literature.

One of the most prized collections of books at the hotel is a selection of books either penned by the honourable late president Nelson Mandela such as Long Walk to Freedom which was edited whilst he resided at the hotel, or penned by close friends, colleagues and students of the late president. These books take guests on a journey of President Mandela’s life, his struggle against oppression and his rise as leader of the New South Africa.


Some of the Books in our Nelson Mandela Collection:

  • Conversations with Myself (Nelson Mandela)
  • Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography (Nelson Mandela)
  • Dare Not Linger: The Presidential Years (Nelson Mandela, Mandla Langa)
  • Mandela: A critical life (Tom Lodge)
  • Mandela: A very short introduction (Tom Lodge, Elleke Boehmer)
  • Madiba: A tribute from South African Jewry (Hilly Golombick)
  • Reflections on Nelson Mandela (Antoinette Haselhorst)
  • Young Mandela (David James Smith)
  • Let Freedom Reign: The Words of Nelson Mandela (Henry Russell)
  • Mandela: The Authorised Portrait (Mac Maharaj, Ahmed Kathrada, Archbishop Desmond Tutu)
  • Mandela – A Biography (Martin Meredith)
  • Jewish Memories of Mandela (David Saks)
  • The Children’s Mandela (Tyne Doyle)
  • Nelson Mandela: A Force for Freedom (Christina Scott)
  • Good Morning, Mr Mandela (Zelda la Grange)