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Following on from Saxon Spa Manager Tanya Lopes’ Skincare tips, here is her DIY Facial.

Tanya Lopes’ DIY Facial:

  1. Cleanse your skin with your preferred cleanser. I often receive products from different suppliers so I have the opportunity of trying a variety of products available on the market. Generally it is recommended that if you have a dryer skin you should use a cream based cleanser, if you have a more oily to combination skin then a cleansing wash is more advisable. Use a separate eye based cleansing water for your eyes. It is not advisable to use a skin cleanser on the eyes. The skin is much thinner and far more sensitive. This is why you will find separate products for the eyes specifically.
  2. Tone the skin using cotton pads. Toning is often a step which people don’t underestimate. This is important as it returns your skins PH to its normal level so that the products you then apply in the next steps are not altered in their effectiveness.
  3. Exfoliation of the skin. There are also a variety of exfoliators available on the market, granular type or enzymatic based exfoliants. If you have a more sensitive skin avoid enzymatic exfoliators as they may cause a reaction. Enzymatic based exfoliators work as a mild peeling system and is great for tired skins or more oily to problematic skin types. Remove the exfoliator chosen with facial sponges.
  4. At this stage tone the skin again using the cotton pads. This removes all remaining residue of the exfoliator that is left and prepares the skin to receive the additional nutrients from the next step.
  5. Apply Serum. There are many serums available within a brand. A serum in essence works as a booster to help treat whatever your concerns you may be focusing on during a course of treatment. I find that at this time of year you skin may appear dull and dehydrated so I am going to be using a serum which is based on a vitamin boost and hydration. You can use a combination of serums eg if you suffer with a specific area of break out you could apply a sebum control based serum to that area and a more generic serum to the other areas of the skin.
  6. Apply your Face-mask. There are a huge variety of these on the market. I believe that the right type of mask for you will be based on how much time you have to sit and relax. There are masks which you can simply apply and they penetrate in which is great if you not a very patient person. Otherwise a tip I would always share with my guests is when doing your mini home facials do all the steps first whist running your shower or bath. Once you have applied your mask get in the shower, do all your other bits and then just before you finish your bath or shower remove the mask and then it doesn’t feel like you have been waiting around. Charcoal masks are good for problematic skins and collagen or hydration masks will help with dehydration and general skin elasticity and dullness. Remove the mask.
  7. Complete you facial by applying and eye and face cream. Should you do your facial in the day then apply your chosen eye and day cream. If you do your facial at night then use your night care products.