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During this time, you may find your skin starting to feel dry due to the change of season. You may experience dead skin build up which could cause ingrown hair and uneven skin. Skincare is essential during this period to remove the dead skin build up and improve the circulation to the skin.

Exfoliate your skin with a body scrub. Different scrubbing agents will give you different effects dependent on your needs at this particular time. A salt-based exfoliation will give you the most abrasive exfoliation, this is better if your skin is feeling exceptionally dry. If you need something a bit gentler, a sugar-based exfoliation will give you a softer action.

Should you not have an exfoliant at home you can easily make one. Use either your body moisturiser or coconut oil as a base and then simply add coarse Himalayan salt or brown sugar to your base. The more exfoliation agent you add the stronger the exfoliation will be.

Always start your exfoliation by cleansing the skin. My personal suggestion is to do your own body ritual whilst looking after your skin. Start by soaking in a warm to hot bath, preferably at night as your ritual will also help you get a good night sleep. If you do have some bath salts or bath oil add these to your water for further relaxation.

Cleanse your skin as usual and take a moment to indulge in the warm water. Start your exfoliation by applying the exfoliant to your skin. Remember when exfoliating it is advisable to always ensure your movements are directed towards your heart. Exfoliation also assists with detoxification and that’s why we ensure movements are directed towards the heart. When exfoliating use circular motions applying more pressure on areas which you highlighted as being uneven and applying less pressure on the more sensitive areas.

Please do not use your body exfoliant on your face, remember we always class these areas separately and it is therefore imperative that you only use your facial exfoliation on your facial skin.

Once you have completed your exfoliation cleanse your skin in your bath water and take some time to relax. You can also include some mindfulness techniques to enhance your experience.

Once you are ready to get out of the bath ensure your skin is properly dried off and apply your moisturiser or alternatively a body oil. Coconut oil is a beautiful natural moisturiser which you can enhance by adding your favourite essential oil.

Ideally try to do this ritual no more than twice a week. In between your ritual evenings ensure that your skin is well moisturised after your shower or bath.

Please note that your body ritual can also be done in a shower and does not need to be in a bath.