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The past year has felt long and been challenging for us all. Despite such hardship there has been an overwhelming sense of community as we rallied together in support. In this spirit I thank you for your patience and understanding whilst the Saxon remained closed. With the global roll out of vaccines we can find a renewed sense of hope and strength for the future. Our time apart is finally coming to an end and I can now reveal that the Saxon is safely reopening its doors May 1st, 2021.

In our time apart a small custodian team and I remained in charge at the Saxon. We ‘pivoted’ into our new roles; gardener, cleaner, chef and occasionally, butler to a visiting peacock! We kept the hotel in running order and ensured its safekeeping. We also used this time to implement new additions and refurbish some of our public spaces including Qunu and the reception area. We cannot wait for you to see and enjoy these spaces!

Amongst the familiar and new attractions of the Saxon there is a subtle nod to the changing times. Safety protocols have been implemented throughout the hotel with sanitiser dispensers at easy access points, regulated air filtration systems and socially distanced spacing of our seating areas. There will also be exclusive access to the hotel with a limited number of guests at a time to ensure safety protocols. For more information on our safety measures please read our safety protocol guide.

Ours and your safety is our main priority. The entire Saxon team has undergone rigorous safety training in line with Government and World Health Organisation regulations. These measures were sensitively implemented so as not to overshadow your experience. We wanted to create a safe space that allowed you to escape from these worries and relax in the familiar comforts of the Saxon and our impeccable hospitality.

It has been lovely to see the return of familiar activity as we prepare to reopen our doors. The cushions are being plumped, the umbrellas wheeled back out, suppliers are operating again with daily fresh deliveries, our chefs are cooking up new menus and our doormen are on standby. Reservations are now open and we look forward to welcoming you back. Our smiles may be hidden behind masks but the shine in our eyes will be unmissable.

Best Wishes,
George Cohen