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Although most of us have spent more time in our homes with our families this year than we probably ever have, that time was most likely filled with tons of uncertainty, new tasks that we have never done before (such as home-schooling) and stress. During this Festive Season we have the opportunity to reflect back on the year we had and give thanks for our families – lets also use this time to spend quality time with our loved ones and enjoy the Festive Season in a mindful way.

As a family opt to do things together during this time: watch family movies, play family board games, have family walks and have mindful dinner experiences. Lets remember that being mindful is all about being completely present in the moment, accepting the moment and leaving all of this year’s trials and tribulations behind us. Focus on your senses – the sounds, smells, sight, touch or taste – during every mindfulness activity; whether it is the taste of the food, the smell in the air or the happy sounds of laughter in the space around you.

Our digital devices can often be a distraction from being present in the moment. During mindfulness activity ensure that you or your family members are not distracted by digital devices – it is advisable that these digital devices are turned off to allow everyone to truly be in the moment.

Personally I adopted these techniques on a recent trip away with my family and I must confess that it was probably the best holiday we have had together in a very long time as for once we were all fully engaged in every activity.

Remember that mindfulness improves both you mental health and your immune health. If you would like to, I would recommend having a look at the mindfulness journey we shared earlier in the year – it is never too late to start!

From the Team at the Saxon Spa we wish you a Mindful Festive Season!