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During this time of Lock-down, I am sure like myself you are looking for things to keep yourself and your family busy.  As we try and to put some sort normality into our lives why not take the opportunity to spend some time on yourself and also use the opportunity to get your family involved as well as educating them in how to look after their skin.  Your skin will be going through some changes with the change of season as well as the additional stresses you may be feeling at the moment.

Here are some tips I would like to share with you:

Skincare Tips and Expectations:

Additional stress may cause unusual break outs during this period.  This can be expected as the additional stress will affect your hormone levels and the irregularities may cause breakouts or irregular sebum levels in your skin.  This is a difficult one to manage and all you can do is try manage your stress levels, drink plenty of water and ensure you follow a good skin care regime especially managing your skin hydration levels.

As we start our Autumn season our skin will also be transitioning into changes associated with winter.  I know personally I am already experiencing dry lips and general dehydration of my skin.  Following a good skincare routine and doing a mini facial on yourself weekly will help your skin retain elasticity and therefore keep hydration levels up which is also paramount to assist in anti-aging.

Even though you may not be wearing makeup whilst at home it is still essential that you follow your daily skincare routine.  Due to the stresses listed above following your daily skincare routine will be essential to maintaining the PH levels of your skin and its ability to self-regulate and heal.

Your daily skincare routine should involve cleansing, toning, application of eye cream, application of your day serum and finally application of your day cream.

It is recommended that you don’t use the same skin brand for more than 6 months.  Try find at least two brands you prefer and alternate them every 6 months. You will probably find that if you use the same brand for years you stop getting the same effects as you originally got in the beginning.  This is because your skin develops an immunity to the active ingredients and stops having the same results.  This is why its paramount to alternate to ensure you get the best results.

I will be sharing my DIY lock-down facial in the coming days.