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We are excited to launch our latest guest experience, a set of signature amenities created by our team with the assistance of skincare and fragrance experts. As part of our greater sustainability efforts, our range of Proudly South African, ethically produced amenities have been created for guests to enjoy whilst at the hotel with a few select items from the range available for retail purchase in the Spa for guests to take home with them, or to gift to someone special. The inspiration for the name and fragrance for this brand, came from the feeling and memories you have whilst at the hotel. The feeling of luxury, space and serenity. The feeling of having every need taken care of by our expert team.

The SOUL crest was designed as a symbolism of perfect symmetry, a geometric conceptualisation of a four-leaf clover. The clover carries symbolic values of promise, joyfulness, prosperity and protection. The four geometric clovers stand by our vision of striving for perfection and balance in everything we do.

Our signature fragrance was designed by a local fragrance expert who took all elements that embody the Saxon in its design, use of textures and art to create a scent that is representative of the hotel. The scent is designed to be memorable and completely unique, creating a very bespoke sensory experience. The base notes in the fragrance are a combination of many different essential oils of woods and amber which are representative of the design of our suites. The heart notes in the fragrance use a selection of therapeutic floral oils synonymous with the relaxation elements in the spa as well as our unique Fig trees that can be found throughout the grounds of the hotel.

When selecting packaging for the product, it was important to us to consider the environmental impact which is why all of our bottles are recycled and recyclable and all of the boxes used in our amenities are made of recycled material and have been lovingly packed by community-based projects in Johannesburg.

Our goal is to provide a luxury skincare product, produced locally, of an international standard, whilst supporting local communities and supporting the hotels sustainability goals. We can’t wait for you to experience SOUL first-hand.