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We are proud to introduce Jason Katz as our new in-house Sound Therapy practitioner, with over 14-years experience in using the unique sounds and vibrational healing effects of Himalayan Singing Bowls and Gongs he is well equipped to guide you to deep relaxation, release and rejuvenation.

One of the most frequent questions Jason faces is the benefit of Sound Therapy on the body, this is slightly unclear; however, various theories have been proposed. One theory suggests that due to the difference between tones played in each ear, the brain is propelled into deep relaxation or meditative or trance-like brainwave states. Alternatively, the action of sound waves on the purported bio field or energy field of the body could be a factor. The vibrational effects entrain the brain to stop the continuous agitated thought patterns and move you from an active mind state to a relaxed state. While less desirable mood states such as tension, anger, and stress decrease following a sound meditation, potentially desirable variables such as a sense of spiritual well-being increase.

Jason continually learns more about the combination of sounds and vibrations, whilst giving his complete attention to the energy he gets from the guest and plays the bowls accordingly. His greatest joy is looking into the guests eyes after the session and seeing complete clarity and relaxation.

When attending a personal sound journey with Jason,  he places the bowls on you and around you. With the bowls then being played above you, you experience a multi-dimensional effect of sound. In a recent randomised crossover study, conducted by Goldsby, Goldsby, McWalters and Mills, in the USA, in 2016, playing a single Tibetan (or Himalayan) singing bowl was found to decrease blood pressure and heart rate more than silence alone when conducted immediately prior to a guided visualisation. Each sound journey is an individual, unique experience. The sound of the bowls and their subsequent vibrations respond to a number of factors, the environment they are in, the ambient temperature of the space as well as the energy of the guest. The body and the mind move into a state of trust and comfort letting go and merging with the all-encompassing sounds dissolving into silence. This space is where healing can happen on a deep level. Sound captivates the mind to witness beyond itself and to merge with a consciousness that is virtually endless. The aim of the Sound Journey is to relax your mind and body to a point of complete relaxation where the body has a chance and innate ability to heal itself.

To book a sound experience with Jason, contact the spa here.