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We need to adapt our facial skin care regime in the summer months in order to ensure that our summer skin has been supplied with the protection that it needs. Our Spa Manager, Tanya Lopes, shared some of her tips to ensure that your summer skin is left glowing and healthy.

Cleanse daily with your Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash, this will help to remove excess dead skin tissue build up as well as oil residue, providing an absorptive surface to absorb your skin products. Use this for both your morning and night cleanse. As your skin will be needing some additional moisture during this period tone your skin using the QMS Hydrating Boost, this will not only balance the ph of your skin but also help seal in some much needed additional moisture. This is recommended to be done morning and night.

Keep your skin moisturised daily by using a combination of the following extremely effective products: QMS Epigen Serum, QMS Advanced Pearl Protein,  Dr Shrammek Solar Shield SPF50, QMS Epigen Overnight Mask and the QMS Active Exfoliant 11% Resurfacing Fluid. Apply the QMS Epigen Serum after you complete your toning, this will help protect your skin against daily pollutants and external stress factors. Then moisturise your skin using the QMS Advanced Pearl Protein, which will ensure that you have maximum moisturisation properties as well as working on that anti-ageing which concerns us all. Then apply a good sun screen, one which we highly recommend is the Dr Shrammek Solar Shield SPF50, it is light and super easy to apply without leaving any uncomfortable residue. Exfoliation is vital during the summer season, using the 11% QMS Exfoliant, exfoliate at least 3 times weekly during this time – this will ensure that you don’t get any dead skin build up and will ensure that you keep a more even and smooth complexion. For additional support apply the QMS Epigen Overnight Mask 3 times a week in conjunction with your exfoliation. This foam mask is very easy to apply, your skin will absorb this through the night and take in all the protective and active ingredients from the mask as you sleep and when your skin is at its most absorbable.

We would also recommend that you boost your body and skin health by introducing Collagen Powder to your Health Juice or Smoothie. You will not only see an improvement in your skin, hair and nail texture but you will also see great health benefits with joints and muscles.