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The health of your immune system is paramount in order to keep your mind and body healthy as well as to fight off diseases or viruses. In a time of conscious living it is important that we become mindful of our lifestyles and how we live so that we live the best possible version of ourselves and take accountability for our own health. When we refer to wellness, we often refer to the 5 pillars of wellness, which we need to be mindful of, in order to ensure that we live a healthy lifestyle.

The Five Pillars of Wellness.

1. Exercise
The benefits of exercise is undeniable. It has helped people to reverse issues requiring medication, improved longevity, improved brain functioning, decreased joint pain, increased strength and endurance, reduced stress, the list can keep going. If you are not incorporating exercise of some kind into your lifestyle, it is suggested that you start doing so as soon as possible – your body will thank you. Find a method of exercise that works for you, whether it is yoga, powerlifting, playing sports, walking, or cycling etc., there is an exercise that fits everyone. Motivation is usually the hardest part, so find yourself an exercise partner or some way to hold yourself accountable and you will have more success.

2. Nutrition
What you put into your body might be the most important pillar of all – there is no substitute for proper nutrition. A combination of protein, carbs, fruits and vegetables, and good fats/oils are key for well-rounded nutrition – your body will only function at its peak when all components are present. It has been proven that when foods in these categories are consumed together, the nutrients are absorbed better than when it is consumed individually. Your daily allocation of Fruit and Vegetables is paramount to a healthy immune system – ensure that you try to consume a minimum of 5-8 portions a day. It is also beneficial to include vegetables that are known to enrich your immune system and anti-oxidants. If you find it challenging to consume your daily allocation; juicing would be great way to ensure that you always achieve your goal. Find healthy, well rounded, tasty options to fuel your healthy lifestyle.

3. Stress
Daily stress plays an integral role in our overall well being and happiness – it will affect you mentally, emotionally, physically, and at times also socially. Stress is also known to be a big contributor to auto-immune diseases. These external sources of stress need to be acknowledged and limited, it is also important to manage because it can prevent weight loss and muscle building if the body has too much stress present – your body will basically say: “this stress is my priority to handle, not other things,” and it will focus its efforts to that first. It is essential to have a method of coping or an outlet for your stress so that it doesn’t continue to build up and toxify your well being – regular exercise and music therapy, mindfulness, massages and spa treatments are some suggestions to help you manage your stress levels. This pillar is one that we should all be very conscious of as we can often get so involved in the day-to-day of our high paced lifestyles that we don’t take a minute to stop and think.

4. Sleep
Your body cannot properly recover and repair itself without the adequate sleep. A poor sleeping pattern can contribute to plenty of health issues and especially affect your ability to manage your stress levels. Everyone is different in how much sleep they require, but in general it is recommended to get between seven to nine hours of sleep per night – teenagers and athletes usually fall on the higher end of the spectrum, understandably so. Also, if you are on a taxing exercise regimen, your body will need the sleep-time to heal your muscles properly. Immunity will also decrease if sleep is consistently compromised; your body’s energy and vitality source is basically that of a rechargeable battery – without your batteries charged you cannot function. Poor sleep patterns are often contributed to by the digital world we live in, so it is recommended that you do not look at any of your digital devices for at least an hour before you go to sleep.

5. Supplements
It is no secret that most people have nutritional gaps and will benefit greatly from adding quality supplements derived from natural sources to their diets. Whether you need more omega-3 fatty acids for your heart and brain, or a meal replacement shake for quick breakfast options to accommodate your busy lifestyle, the right supplements will definitely improve your lifestyle. People who work out would sometimes take protein, creatine, fat burners, and amino acid supplements to just name a few. They do this because it is difficult to get the recommended amount of these nutrients from just food alone in order to reach their fitness/body goals. In this time we find ourselves in, focusing on additional supplements that will assist you in your Mental and Immune Boosting ability is advisable as an additional support to ensure you have the maximum benefits.

Remember the five pillars of wellness and incorporate each one into your lifestyle and see how much better you feel!

Pillars of Wellness