Green Initiative


The Saxon is committed to a comprehensive green efficiency programme, which includes well managed recycling practices, organic gardening and environmentally friendly marketing collateral.

The Saxon marketing collateral is printed on paper that is FSC™ Recycled, Green Seal and Renewable Energy Certified. The paper specified is produced from 100% post consumer waste and is manufactured by using wind-generated electricity.

Our suit bags are made using woven PET produced from recycled plastic soft drink bottles and our newspaper and wine bags are made from 100% organically grown cotton.

The gardens have been planted using only indigenous species, and we grow our own herbs and vegetables in the vegetable garden. Our extensive rooftop garden is a hidden treasure that serves as a constant source of fresh ingredients for our Chefs. They take great care in selecting and picking the freshest fruit and seasonal herbs and vegetables, ranging from carrots, cabbages and chives, to peas, beans, beetroot and aubergines.

The irrigation system ensures the most efficient water usage, which is supplied from boreholes and supplemented by stormwater attenuating rainwater tanks. Garden clippings are composted and biodegradable vegetable waste feeds a worm farm to produce ‘worm tea’, a natural garden fertilizer.

The energy-saving programme includes energy-efficient lighting as well as centralised control of in room lighting control and time-controlled external lights. The lighting in the 24-hour Saxon Fitness Centre and Gymnasium operates on motion detectors to ensure that the lights only come on when the gym is in use. Within the Saxon environment all the buildings have been designed with thermal glazing to help control temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

All water heaters have been replaced with heat pump technology, reducing energy consumption by 75% on the boilers. Grease-traps are used to prevent contamination of waste water systems, and the waste is disposed of through accredited waste companies. Annual tests are carried out on our electrical equipment to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals or hazardous conditions. All our mechanical systems are fitted with noise controllers in an effort to prevent noise pollution. Spill kits are available in case of accidental spills. We implement a strict programme of waste separation at source and comprehensive waste recycling.

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