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Contemporary dance company Moving Into Dance returns to Joburg Theatre with its latest production Ingress. Audiences are in for a treat with three unique works included in the Ingress showcase. This triple bill features the international award winning piece “Road” by Oscar Buthelezi, “fight, flight, feathers” by Sunnyboy Motau and Rachel Erdos and “Despot” by Lesego Dihemo.

Synopsis on each piece:
Road by Oscar Buthelezi
Road. The place where we want to be, and the route that guides us there. It is the journey that leads us to this destination, accentuating the experiences of life, through learning from this road travelled. This work explores the journeys we take as human beings the meeting points we share, and the experiences we come across, this piece shows the unity amongst man when challenges plague their paths, the undulating terrain that we conquer and the sense of achievement at the end.

fight, flight, feathers by Sunnyboy Motau & Rachel Erdos
Exploring the politics, psychology and physicality of masculinity, this work explores the fight or flight principle which is a biological reaction in animals under acute stress to either get aggressive or flee. This work then correlates this theory to modern day male society, interrogating cultural differences in male reactions to varying life situations where their masculinity is either challenged or validated.

Despot by Lesego Dihemo
This piece is a play on the fight to stand up for one’s self or to churn the waters. The question is, at what point, do you step up and take back you power.

The production runs from the 29th April – 1st May at the Joburg Theatre. Our Concierge is on hand to book your ticket for the experience.