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Renowned for its unique collection of rejuvenating spa therapies, The Saxon Spa launched their new Molton Brown Signature Journey on 6 May. The Spa’s indulgent range of Signature Therapies have all been developed with the spa connoisseur in mind, created to provide an unsurpassed spa experience that offers luxurious indulgence and bodily rejuvenation. Each treatment aims to immerse the client in a multi-sensory journey that restores a sense of balance to the body and mind, and the new Molton Brown Signature Journey does just that.

This new journey is a highly therapeutic treatment that offers the ultimate bodily and mental rejuvenation, with a healing combination of exfoliation, steam and massage techniques that boost circulation, detoxification, skin renewal and overall relaxation. Set in the tranquil setting of our candle-lit, steam-warmed Hammam Signature Suite, this uplifting and energising journey offers 90 minutes of indulgent escapism from the stresses of the world.

The relaxation journey begins with the soothing foot ritual, while enjoying a warm cup of detoxifying Turkish Rize Tea, which has incredible health benefits, such as the ease of tension and aiding in cardiovascular health and digestion. The first step of the rejuvenating treatment is a gentle full body exfoliation using a Natural Marine loofah on dry skin to stimulate blood flow and remove dead skin cells.

This is then followed with a full body exfoliation with the Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Body Scrub, a rich, skin-smoothing scrub with uplifting citrus aromas, exfoliating, antioxidant-packed bitter orange peel and apricot kernels to refine and rejuvenate the skin for a healthy-looking glow. The therapist uses continuous movements to stimulate circulation and for better absorption of the nourishing scrub ingredients.

After this double exfoliation, the body is washed with the refreshingly fragrant Orange and Bergamot Bath & Shower Gel which leaves skin feeling refreshingly cleansed. The Vichy showers rain down from above the granite slab to rinse off the gel, with the massaging pressure of the water stimulating blood circulation and toxin elimination. This then leads to a hair and scalp treatment with a purifying shampoo enriched with Indian cress extract and aromas of jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood for thoroughly-cleansed, moisturised hair. After rinsing the scalp, a scalp massage is done with the purifying conditioner with Indian cress that leaves hair nourished and feeling softer and smoother.

The body is once again rinsed with the immersive rain of the Vichy shower, with the water temperature cooling down to revitalise the body, awakening blood circulation and enhancing overall well-being. You then step into a private steam room where enveloping warmth and steam allow you to relax, hydrate and detox. The steam session prepares the body for the massage, warming the muscles and allowing for increased penetration of the active ingredients in the massage oil.

Once back in the Hammam Signature Suite, the therapist prepares for the body massage with deep breathing and Thai inspired stretching techniques and attention to the body’s key pressure points to regain bodily balance. The body is transported into an intense sense of relaxation with a deep pressure massage with the Orange and Bergamot Body Oil, a luminous dry oil enriched with skin-nourishing Sevillian neroli oil and imbued with uplifting and destressing bergamot, mandarin and cedarwood aromas.

To boost the body balancing and healing benefits of the treatment, crystal therapy is integrated into the massage, using uplifting and energising carnelian crystals and balancing brown jasper crystals. The journey comes to a close with an application of Orange and Bergamot Body Lotion that leaves the skin smooth and hydrated, with a lingering invigorating citrus scent that will maintain the uplifting effects of the entire treatment. After a final relaxing neck stretch, you will leave the Hammam Signature Suite feeling like a re-energised version of your best self.

The Molton Brown Signature Journey is an intensely restorative treatment that not only indulges your body with the rejuvenative benefits of skin-renewing exfoliation, detoxifying massage and balancing crystal therapy, but transports the mind into a calm, uplifted and energised state.

*Note: The Molton Brown Signature Journey is not advised for guests who have high or low blood pressure, or suffer from claustrophobia.